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Day 297: Red Lantern

by Sonia Su

Finally got to try the Asian fusion restaurant Red Lantern with my roommate!

It was as amazing as expected.

I liked the décor (sorry, no photo. It was too dark anyway), and the food was just fantastic. The service, at around 9:30/10 p.m. on a Friday night was slower than I would have liked but not too surprising.

The lighting made it hard to take a decent quality photo without resorting to the embarrassment of using flash. But at least I did get a photo of the PERFECT special appetizer.

Banh mi bao with duck at Red Lantern

Banh mi bao with duck at Red Lantern.

The crème brûlée, on the other hand, was a tasty dessert (you can’t go wrong) but could have been warmer. And don’t bother with the donuts. They’re just dry donut holes served with green tea ice cream, the only redeeming part of the dish. Yeah, we binged. It was worth it.

Day 296: Naga

by Sonia Su

If you haven’t ordered a custom cake from BU Dining Service’s RiZe bakery, then I would highly recommend it.

For $25 without add-ons, you can get a customized cake ready within a day (they say 48 hours but 24 is apparently possible).

While I simply chose vanilla cake with vanilla icing (other option was chocolate), you can add a note requesting something slightly more special. Anyway, for something quick, convenient and pretty inexpensive, RiZe isn’t bad.

At risk of sounding like an ad for RiZe, I could probably get a similar-looking cake from Shaw’s—for half the price. As for quality of ingredients, I can’t say.

Custom birthday cake from RiZe

And given the, again, terrible weather, it would have been perfect if they could have delivered. But a personal delivery is always better anyway, I suppose :)

2014-10-24 22.52.14

Later, we attended a fundraiser for UNICEF’s efforts to fight the Ebola outbreak at Naga Nightclub in Cambridge. So packed but pretty fun.


Day 295: Buzz Lab

by Sonia Su

Because apparently we can’t get enough of the wind, rain, or cold, Boston’s weather has decided to dump all three on us today.

Despite the terrible weather, more than 50 alumni, staff, and faculty, student startups, and others in the startup community showed up at our Buzz Lab launch. We have our student launch next Wednesday.

Buzz Lab alumni launch Buzz Lab alumni launch Buzz Lab alumni launch WellaPets at Buzz Lab alumni launch

Buzz Lab alumni launch

#lol. Totally not staged or anything.

Speaking of next week, I am seriously not looking forward to it. With a midterm next Friday and then the Monday and Wednesday after, I really need to appreciate the little time that I do have now.

Day 294: Rollercoaster

by Sonia Su

I finally got my new sunglasses in the mail—just in time for the week forecasted to rain every day.

Ray-Ban sunglasses

During and after my meeting for work, I felt extremely stressed. More and more things just seemed to pile on to my never-ending to-do list, and as I was walking from my meeting to COM to do more work, I couldn’t help but think of the exact Facebook status to post (but never ended up doing so): “Current stress level: Dangerously high.”

Thankfully, as they usually do, things looked up from there. After enjoying some wine at my friend’s apartment, I went with her and her roommates to Sorellina, an upscale Italian restaurant in Boston, for her small birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday, Amber!

Since my friend would not stop raving about how “exceptional” the service there was the entire night, we decided that I would have my birthday dinner there, too. The one other time I went there was also for a birthday. I guess this is the place to go for birthdays.

I haven’t mentioned this in my recent posts, but the weather has been getting pretty frigid. I would surprised if I didn’t get a cold from walking around tonight in a dress in flats.

Boston Copley

Day 293: David Carr, Pt. 2

by Sonia Su

Before going to WBUR’s Fast Forward talk featuring David Carr and Jill Abramson tonight, I checked the newly posted grades for Chinese.

Further evidence that Chinese dictations are a joke.

Further evidence that Chinese dictations are a joke.

The fact that I even got 98 seems like such a shameful disappointment, given how easy dictations always end up being. I almost wish that dictations were more challenging.

Anyway, the event to be at for COM students and anyone in the news industry tonight was the chat with Carr and Abramson. With so many journos in the room, I didn’t feel the need to live tweet as much but did manage to send some mistake-riddled tweets, thanks to the shortened space bar on the Samsung keyboard that I probably will never get used to and results in awkward.periods.instead.of.spaces.

Carr already made the audience fall in love with his humor but Carr and Abramson together? Magic. Hilarious magic. I want need to be their student.

David Carr & Jill Abramson at BU Tsai Performance Center David Carr & Jill Abramson at BU Tsai Performance Center

Also, this bus made a stop when it explicitly said “NO STOPS.” I’m picky like that.

MBTA "NO STOPS" bus stops

MBTA “NO STOPS” bus stops…


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