This Explains A Lot

2013 Boston Marathon elite runner

2013 Boston Marathon elite runner

By Sonia Su

My Flickr images from the Boston Marathon pre-explosions have been receiving an abnormally high number of views.

After Googling, I discovered that two sites have picked up my photos posted on FlickrUSC Annenberg’s Neon Tommy and Religion News Service.

UNRELATED: In other news, while Googling, I also found out that a student actually wrote about one of my presentations with another student ambassador on networking.

EDIT: Wow, who knew so many sites would use my photos? After doing what I assumed would be a quick Google search, I’ve found 15 more (though I’ve never heard of almost all of these, many of which are also strangely religion-related): Nashville Pride, Wikimedia Commons, Indiana Public Media, Salt Spring News,, The Nation, Sojourners, The Episcopal Diocese of Newark, Wilmington Faith & Values, The Daily Dot, Path to Fertility, Credit Season, Olympic Games 101, Metro Moms Network, Cultural Weekly

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