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Day 351: Effort

by Sonia Su

My attitude toward my last final is quite laissez-faire. While I am putting effort into my colorful cheat sheet, I’m not expecting much, in terms of how well I’ll do.

At this point, I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to do in the class, and this frankly won’t matter much.

Went to get boba today before my friend and I studied together. I went to Lollicup for its sesame boba, while she got boba at Infusions Tea Spa (yes, we have THAT strong enough opinions of boba that we went to two different places to get it).

At Infusions, I spotted a cute drawing by someone named “Sonya.”

Infusions Tea Spa drawing

After returning to StuVi to fill up the rest of my cheat sheet, I took a step back and realized just how ridiculous it looked. And this is only one side. I just want to take this exam and be done with finals already.

BU AC222 final exam notes


Day 350: So Close

by Sonia Su

Only 15 more days of the year. Only 15 more days until I will have completed blogging for 365 days.

Only two more days of hell before my final fall semester of college is over.

So. Close.

Starbucks name spelling

So. Close.

Day 349: The Impossible

by Sonia Su

So my first final was pretty much as expected—easy. It was for my statistics class, and given that we could use our books and notes, I’m confident that—let me put it this way before I jinx it—I did better than I know I will for my other SMG class, managerial accounting. Accounting sucks.

Now that my two hardest exams are left, I’m becoming scarily skilled in procrastination, having gone to the gym and done my laundry tonight, while leaving what BU considers a “textbook” open on my desk. I am strongly against BU’s way of teaching Chinese. They constantly change the textbook, and the jump from fourth to fifth semester is unbelievably ridiculous. The teachers aren’t good, and I’m frankly sick of attempting to memorize characters that I know I will never use.

Some examples (I WISH I were making these up): 金乌 golden crow, 神箭手 highly skilled archer, 朝霞 rosy clouds of dawn, 追逐嬉戏 chase and play with each other, 泥鳅 loach—I bet you don’t even know what the English translation means, 蚊香 mosquito-repellent incense, 三级跳 triple jump and—my favorite—上窜下跳 run around on sinister errands.

Shoot me now.

BU LC311 text

Save me.

BU LC311 text


Day 348: Boston Beauty, Pt. 2

by Sonia Su

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you probably have already seen today’s photos.

When it came to studying today, I decided to stay in my (too?) comfy room at StuVi, where I often caught myself gazing at the view. If it weren’t for finals, I would have definitely taken advantage of the cool, sunny temperatures today to go for a run along the Charles.

I mean, I guess I always could have still done so. But then again, I’ve been procrastinating a bit too much on studying.

Going to take my first final in about 15 minutes. Wish me luck!

Day view of Boston and Charles River from Boston University Student Village


Sunset view of Boston and Charles River from Boston University Student Village

Cotton candy-colored skies.

Day 347: Crazy Chances

by Sonia Su

Today was 12/13/14 (ignoring other date formats).

Today was a day of a ton of walking (guesstimate of ~10 miles throughout Boston).

Today was a day of catching up with a friend I met in Shanghai.

Today was a day of witnessing drama my friend caused at, of all places, BurgerFi.


Not worth the trouble.

What today was not? You’ve guessed it. Studying. Well, okay. I did a bit in the morning and stayed up till after midnight to make up for the incredibly unproductive day. But really. What a day.


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