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Day 293: David Carr, Pt. 2

by Sonia Su

Before going to WBUR’s Fast Forward talk featuring David Carr and Jill Abramson tonight, I checked the newly posted grades for Chinese.

Further evidence that Chinese dictations are a joke.

Further evidence that Chinese dictations are a joke.

The fact that I even got 98 seems like such a shameful disappointment, given how easy dictations always end up being. I almost wish that dictations were more challenging.

Anyway, the event to be at for COM students and anyone in the news industry tonight was the chat with Carr and Abramson. With so many journos in the room, I didn’t feel the need to live tweet as much but did manage to send some mistake-riddled tweets, thanks to the shortened space bar on the Samsung keyboard that I probably will never get used to and results in awkward.periods.instead.of.spaces.

Carr already made the audience fall in love with his humor but Carr and Abramson together? Magic. Hilarious magic. I want need to be their student.

David Carr & Jill Abramson at BU Tsai Performance Center David Carr & Jill Abramson at BU Tsai Performance Center

Also, this bus made a stop when it explicitly said “NO STOPS.” I’m picky like that.

MBTA "NO STOPS" bus stops

MBTA “NO STOPS” bus stops…

Day 292: Redemption

by Sonia Su

There are so many things to look forward to in life that have yet to happen, from something as close as tomorrow’s talk with New York Times’ columnist and COM professor David Carr, to something as far as being a mom with a loving husband—optimistically speaking.

And yet it’s so easy to forget about life’s exciting moments to come when faced with immediate problems that seem so minuscule in comparison. What specifically comes to mind now is trying to remember how to compute customer margin using a hypothetical company’s activity-based costing system for my managerial accounting class.

Is it dangerous to think about the future at a time when I should try to complete some homework on “skills” I will definitely forget after this semester that have no application to any part of my future or career? How will knowing whether “visually inspecting CDs and placing them by hand into protective plastic cases prior to shipping” is a product- or unit-level activity have any valuable effect on my life? Other than a semester-long headache and reminder of how much I hate accounting?

This is productive procrastination at its finest. I have done nothing related to classwork all weekend but have managed to schedule a week’s worth of tweets for Greenhorn Connect and The Buzz Lab, edit the remaining print articles for The Buzz magazine, blog and reflect on life, and enjoy delicious food.

Ah, food. The trip to Chinatown for the second time this weekend, this time with my friends made in Shanghai, was totally worth it. Sunday dim sum is the best dim sum.

The best part about today? With less than an hour’s time to shop after our dim sum feast (my friend, who was my roommate in Shanghai, had to return to campus before 3), we shopped at Downtown Crossing.

It was as if the universe felt my pain from yesterday, because within five minutes of walking into DSW and trying on some more boots, I found the pair. Life is good.

Day 291: Service

by Sonia Su

Such an emotionally draining day.

I loved volunteering at Rosie’s Place for the second time. It’s really such a great time.

But afterward, I suppose you could say I continued my day of service by accompanying my friend shopping. Despite spending hours shopping at various departments stores, I didn’t end up finding the fall/winter boots I desperately needed. In the end, my friend managed to buy hundreds of dollars worth of things. Me? $0.

You can imagine how frustrating that was.

Day 290: #Classy

by Sonia Su


Hard to believe that I have blogged for 300 days straight—at least 65 to go! (Seriously considering continuing to blog every day afterward. It has become such a great record-keeping habit.)

Never mind. I apparently just can’t count. Good thing I Googled what day of the year it was today (because I’ve miscounted before—how embarrassing) before broadcasting to the world that today was day 300. Anyway. Yay, 290.

I woke up today to study for my Chinese dictation and then went to Tatte Bakery & Café before class. My roommate and I have decided to make a weekly Tatte visit. #totallynecessary #classy

Tatte Bakery & Café

Shakshuka from Tatte Bakery and Café

Shakshuka: Traditional North African dish with bell peppers, tomatoes, topped with poached eggs and feta cheese served in a pan with toasted challah bread.

Pecan tart at Tatte Bakery & Café

Yummy pecan tart.

Dictation, as always, ended up being a complete joke. It’s ridiculous how wide the gap is between time spent studying and what is tested (literally 6 characters out of ~30).

I also got my polaroid taken for this semester’s issue of the Buzz magazine! So exciting. (#classy?)


Day 289: Something

by Sonia Su

Rainy days are hardly ever good days.

So it was nice to at least see this amusing compilation of sketches on the wall right next to my seat in class today. It was that “something” that made my day slightly brighter.




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