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Day 243: David Carr

by Sonia Su

The day is hardly even over, but nothing else matters because DAVID CARR.

A New York Times media columnist who starred in the documentary, Page One: Inside the New York Times, Carr will begin teaching at BU this fall. Although I wasn’t able to get into his class, I am forever grateful for my roommate who happened to be at Pavement Coffeehouse and told me that he was there.

I immediately rushed from my apartment on West Campus to the coffeehouse in Central, catching him right before he left.

“David?!” I managed to blurt out before I could miss this opportunity.

Once I got his attention and introduced myself, I tuned out the world as I spoke with him—and I say “spoke” to mean rambled like an idiot as I tried to make words and sentences in my starstruck state.

His daughter, who will be studying at the College of General Studies, helped us take photos. She called him out on not smiling for the first photo before taking another one, but I personally like the first photo :) (You can check out the second one on my Instagram.)

After not having business cards at the AAJA convention and still not having them as I enter my senior year and have these chance encounters, I am ordering them ASAP.

EDIT: Be jealous of our Twitter interactions. :D

Day 242: Boston Beauty

by Sonia Su

Before I even begin, feast your eyes on this:

Boston's Charles River

Pinch me—I’m dreaming.

Is this a view from a new observation deck in Boston? Nope. This is the view from my apartment. The view alone, I suppose, is almost worth what my parents pay for me to live here. I’m glad they were able to see this when helping me move in today. It’s like, “Thank you for paying an exorbitant amount of rent for me to live a spoiled senior year with a view that won’t let me get out of bed on beautiful days like these.”

Speaking of, the weather today could not have been more beautiful and well-timed for a nice welcome back to Boston.

Now let’s rewind to before leaving home for the airport, when I spent a few moments capturing B and her not-so-cute furcut:


She’s so cute—from the head up.

Hey, as much of a mistake it is, at least it gives everyone a few laughs. I’m going to miss her!!

Just a ton of emotions today, best summed up in a move-in day selfie, clearly.



It’s crazy to think that this is my last time moving in to college—before…adult life. #HELP.

In the meantime, I’m certainly going to enjoy my time here as much as possible. Senior bucket list sounds like a good way to do that. The list will include food adventures, of course.

…though eating at Wing’s Kitchen isn’t so much of an adventure as it is a tradition every time my parents visit.

Boston Chinatown's Wing's Kitchen

I did miss the red bean smoothie at Chinatown’s (LOL at visiting my FOURTH Chinatown this MONTH…) New Dong Khanh.

New Dong Khahn's red bean smoothie boba

NDK has the best red bean smoothie boba drinks. Boba is also ON POINT.

Of course, this happened to be followed by our first roommate bonding-outing at Limoo, a hip new spot on Comm Ave that sells alcoholic boba. Full beyond belief from the dinner and boba run, I just tried what my friends got, and we immediately loved this place.

Definitely returning :)

Day 241: Pho, Packing & Prescription

by Sonia Su

All about alliteration. (And it wasn’t even that hard.)

Decided to try some cold, spicy, broth-less pho. As unappetizing as that sounds, I really did enjoy it.

It reminded me of the chilled Korean noodles I had in Shanghai—except the portion of this dish was ridiculous (because America; felt stuffed the whole afternoon) and so much spicier.

I’m glad I can handle spiciness better…so I can…eat more. #sogluttonous

An Loi's cold spicy noodles

An Loi’s cold spicy noodles. Warning: Spicy dishes always get spicier as you eat more.

I also continued to pack for Boston today. I started on Wednesday, took a break yesterday, and will make as much progress as possible today. Notice how I didn’t say “finish,” because one can never be finished packing until the day of, or a few hours before leaving. As a result, a pet peeve of mine is when people ask if I have finished packing at least a day before scheduled departure. Unless you bought entirely new toiletries and won’t be packing the ones you use, then sure, I suppose it is possible to be completely finished packing a day or two before departing.

It may sound silly. And I know you theoretically could still say you did finish packing if all you have left are toiletries. But I like to keep it 100 percent accurate. Besides, for me at least, packing never takes more than several hours at most, even for the longest of trips—which makes it even more frustrating when people act surprised if you haven’t started or finished packing a day or two before a trip. Please. When have you finished completely packing the day before going anywhere?

Ugh. I just strongly dislike discussing packing as a topic of conversation. You simply cannot avoid judgement from those who ask about your progress. #stopjudgingme

I probably will need at least one more suitcase.

I probably will need at least one more suitcase.

But one thing I suppose you could judge me on—wait, no. You still can’t. I went to get my annual eye exam for contacts today. Yes, the day before I’m leaving, but I could have gotten this done in Boston, too.

With about a month-and-a-half’s worth of contacts left, I admittedly waited longer than usual to order new ones. All summer, it had been in the back of my mind to check how many boxes I had left before leaving but I never did until this week.

I just knew that I still had least at one 90-day box left, and since I found so many at home before leaving for Shanghai and still came back with two full boxes, I figured it wasn’t urgent.

Anyway, I got it done just in time, with the surprising news that for the first time, my prescription has not changed. #adultlife #notstudyingenough

Same contact prescription as last year. Is this a sign of being an adult?

Same contact prescription as last year. Is this a sign of being an adult?

Well, I guess I should continue packing. Keyword: continue.

Day 240: Chinatown Calling

by Sonia Su

Something about China keeps drawing me back.

Or Chinatown. First it was Philadelphia’s, then it was D.C.’s, and now back to Philadelphia.

This time, we stopped by because we had to pick up a family member from a nearby town. We couldn’t not stop at Chinatown, especially for yummy food and Kung Fu Tea! But I bet you’re sick of all the food photos (and if it’s not food, it’s my dog), so I made an effort to take more scenic ones, edited with my favorite photo-editing app, VSCO Cam.

Philadelphia Chinatown

Back again!

Philadelphia skyline

Pretty skyline :)



We had dinner back in Maryland with my sister. It was our last meal together before I ship up to Boston for my last year—gasp!—in college. Again, I’ll spare you the food photo. Plus, compared to the iPhone, the Samsung doesn’t take as good photos in low-light settings.

Day 239: Oops.

by Sonia Su

TIFU by agreeing to have my dog get a “lion cut.” (Bonus points for those who got the Reddit reference.)

Lion cuts aren’t for every dog, as I learned the hard way today when B got groomed.

Little did I know, the old Russian lady’s definition of a lion cut meant the body would be entirely shaved. Little else did I know, lion cuts look hideous on most dogs—except for the famously adorable Boo.

So if she were to ask me again if I wanted B to have a lion cut–NO. JUST NO.

This was the best photo that still made her look semi-cute. All others elicit a gag reflex.

This was the best photo that still made her look semi-cute. All others elicit a gag reflex.

Now my dog’s head looks ginormous, her pale skin is showing (i.e., she’s naked), and most importantly, she doesn’t look as cuddly.

My ever-so-dramatic mom even put a blanket over her in fear of her being cold. In the summer.

Her reaction?

"Piss off."

“Piss off.”


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